founded in 1946

In 1999, it was reorganized into PCF Yuzhno-Kurilsky Ryibokombinat Co., Ltd. (YKRK Co., Ltd.)that is now a dynamically developing company. YKRK is catching fish and other seafood in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. The company's fleet consists of 14 fishing, processing, transport and specialized vessels.

On the island of Kunashir, the company has

Modern shore-based fish processing complex

finished products per day
up to7meters
draft of vessels at YKRK pier
cold storage

Ecologicaly clean fishing areas

and an emphasis on modern technologies of catching, processing and transportation of fish products, allow company to make products of the highest quality

About The Company

YKRK Co., Ltd. is a dynamically growing company that outgrew far beyond shore-based fish processing. Currently it is one of the largest fishing enterprises of Sakhalin region. Annual catching of fish is up to 42,000 MT.

Company’s fleet consists of 14 modern fishing, processing, transportation and special purpose vessels allowing to catch fish and invertebrates in Okhotsk Sea and Pacific Ocean all year round. During summer time YKRK trawlers also work in Khabarovsk and Kamchatka regions processing Salmon and ensuring top sea frozen quality.

Meanwhile, main production center of the company is located on Kunashir Island in Yuzhno-Kurilsk town which includes a shore based fish factory able to process and freeze 200 MT of fish daily, its own pier able to berth vessels with up to 7 m draft, cold storage with 1,200 MT capacity and container terminal placing 55 refrigerated containers for sending our products to any part of the world.

YKRK is one of the biggest producers of live Grey Sea Urchin in Russia. The company uses 4 specialized vessels to catch this delicacy product. Its quality is very highly appreciated in fastidious Japanese market.

YKRK is implementing an ambitious project of constructing state-of-the-art fishmeal & fish oil factory able to process over 500 MT of raw material daily. Best Norwegian technologies have been used in the new factory’s equipment to satisfy toughest ecological standards and allow producing fishmeal with increased percentage of protein.

Another strategic direction of YKRK aimed to strengthen achievements of the company in wild Salmon production and to comply with principles of sustainable fishing is a construction of first salmon hatchery in Kunashir nearby Lagunnoe lake. Starting from 2019 the hatchery will release up to 30 millions of juvenile Pink and Chum Salmon to wild ocean.

All YKRK products have EU, China and Korea numbers. High quality YKRK products are exported to 12 countries and distributed in 22 regions of Russia.


350 tons
of finished products per day
up to 42 ths. tons
of annual catching
to 12
countries export
up to 40 mln. USD
of annual revenues

Domestic markets: Vladivostok, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod.

Export markets: Japan, South Korea, China, European Union, Africa.

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